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by Kindle Customer Care Number

When user face issues with signing in

Signing in to your Kindle account online should not be big issue. In fact, it should be easiest and simplest. If any user has problems in signing in, then they can follow below steps:

  • 1. User name and/or password entered by user: in few cases users are confident that they have entered the correct user ID and password. If users can’t first thing they should check is CAPS Lock or NUM Lock button should not be on. If the password is case sensitive, then putting all small letters get the rejection and won’t let login.
  • 2. Wrong user name and/or password entered by user: That may be a case when user might have entered the incorrect password or user ID. Please re check and put the correct details for that specific account.
  • 3. The users email address: please be assured to put the correct email and do not leave out a special character, any symbol or any number in your email ID otherwise users will not be able to sign in.

After checking all of these and finding out that everything is correct in your email ID, User ID and Password if still have issues then you wish to obtain an expert help from Our Technical Team. Please call the Kindle Customer Support Toll Free number 1-877-400-1703

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