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by Kindle Technical Support

Kindle Fire HD is the latest version of Kindle Device. It is definitely a better version than the old versions, but just like any other device it may also has challenges and one of this is mostly losing the connection from Wi-Fi. This turns very critical when users have to download the books from their online account.

To fix the connectivity issues over Wi-Fi, following steps can are suggested:

  • 1. Simply shut down your Kindle Fire HD. Then Switch off the router. Then, turn on your router and Kindle again and see if Kindle has Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • 2. If that did not help then reboot the Kindle buy holding star key for 40 sec and it should solve the problem.
  • 3. If still that doesn’t help, users can reset the device to the factory setting. Please create backup of all your files before your factory reset so you do not lose the data.

If your device still is not able to connect to Wi-Fi, then you should look for an expert help from our expert Technicians. You can always call the Kindle Customer care Toll Free number 1-877-400-1703

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